Warm-up cycling mountain bike

Warming up before a race or workout

Do you exercise regularly and don’t know whether you are warming up properly? Regardless of the exercise you will be performing, a good warm-up is essential for preparing the body, avoiding injury and improving performance.

Tips mountain bike racing

Improve your mountain bike race performance

We've prepared some tips for you to improve your performance regardless of your training level or goal, whether to win or to finish MTB races well. To improve your mountain bike race performance, whether in XCO (circuit) or XCM (marathon), you should know your limits, develop a race plan, make sure your equipment is in good working condition, and feed yourself properly.

While it may initially seem difficult to do so, following a few steps will help you give your best in all domains of the mountain biking racing experience.

So let's get down to the tips!

Workout Feedback

All athletes should log as much information as possible in every exercise session they complete. But what should be recorded and how do you do it? First, both objective and subjective data should be registered. In another article I have listed many tips to make sure you always get consistent objetive data. However training is not only about power, heart rate, etc. Other aspects should also be monitored and logged after every workout. Let’s discuss some options.

FCA Sports Strava Club

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Power Meters

Historically, athletes and coaches have been monitoring training and racing routines through the use of paper logs. These offer info like distance ridden, nutrition, and effort levels based on scales like Borg 10 or 20-points rating of perceived exertion (Borg RPE). However technology showed that more could and should be recorded and analyzed. In 1982, the Finnish company Polar invented wireless heart rate monitors and many new training methodologies were proposed and used for years. Nevertheless, heart rate is subject to baseline variations under different conditions such as stress, hydration level, and sleep quality. These limitations had to be overcome and they actually pushed the development of portable on-bike power meters.

Sports Data

Important tips for consistent and accurate data collection

Working remotely with athletes presents many day-to-day challenges. Both parts are always learning something new and trying to do a better job today than yesterday. One early topic that frequently has a steep learning curve is how to correctly operate modern sports computers or watches (eg. Garmin Edge 1000). Summarizing many past experiences with my athletes, I decided to write-up this short guide of recommended practices for consistent sports data generation and recording.

Exercise Medicine Glossary

Learn important terms used in sports medicine and coaching.

40 kilometer TT - A 40 km (24.8-mile) solo race against the clock. Time trials are often referred to as “the race of truth.”

Acute Training Load (ATL) - The overall quantity (i.e., combination of frequency, duration, and intensity) of training that you have performed recently (during the past week or two). See also Chronic Training Load (CTL).