At FCA Sports, we offer you the latest and the greatest endurance coaching experience. Power meters and other biological & physical sensors allow our coaches to check, monitor and reevaluate your athletic performance and training daily.


Our coaching tools offer you the chance to get the most individualized workout to achieve your genetic potential and reach your goals. Personalized reviews of your performance give you the extra confidence boost that is so important during the toughest moments of your races.


Check below some of the tools/variables used in your coaching plan:

  • Training plans posted weekly

  • Premium TrainingPeaks account

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP)

  • Web and mobile access to all your workouts

  • Web and mobile access to record your post-workout comments, metrics, and upload your data

  • Power based workouts (W), cadence (rpm), and duration

  • Workout feedback in up to 48 work hours (except during coach's vacation)

  • Monitoring and analysis of your main physiological markers: functional threshold power (FTP), functional reserve capacity (FRC), maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), and muscle fiber distribution

  • Phenotype characterization (Sprinter, TTer, Pursuiter or All-arounder)

  • Monitoring of acute training load (ATL) and chronic training load (CTL)

  • Tactical power planning for your best pacing in races

  • Analysis of altitude and/or temperature changes to your performance in and out of competitions

  • Motion and/or aerodynamic cycling analysis (specific sensors required)

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